In November 2018, Ms. Sharr Thet Zaw started a Facebook page named “Sharr’s Ideology” to share her researched technology information and software tutorials on social media. In November 2019, she began sharrtz.com, and in December 2019, she purchased for sharrtz.org to make a startup for her technology.

Sharrtz.org provide desktop and mobile software application mainly related to Augmented Reality (AR)/ Virtual Reality (VR) technology.  Currently “S YangonS Love box ” mobile AR application has been in a demo published. Desktop VR software is in the beta stage. “Myoe Pya” mobile AR application for Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) field which is a third party application for VS software will lead the best collaboration in the AEC field between designer and client, office and site, and is also in alpha stage.

Moreover, Sharrtz.org produces a digital invoice app named “SS Supplier” https://www.facebook.com/SSSupplierApp for an online shop. The application got 100 user registrations after a week when it had been published to Google Play Store and App Store. All the applications and software are under the development of sharrtz.org.

Sharrtz.org will broadly develop AR/VR in the AEC industry in the future. The current developing product is “MyoePya”.

Mission Statement

To build software, tools, and application to enable people to experience their ideas in the reality world.

To empower each person and organization in the AEC field to achieve more…

Vision Statement

We shall create innovative technology, growth, and impact in various fields.

Our Team

Ms. Sharr Thet Zaw


Mr. Soe San Aung


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