Rising Memories

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  • Android phone တွေအတွက် Google play store မှ download ရယူရန် ဒီမှာဒေါင်းပါ။
  • Google play store link အဆင်မပြေသူများအတွက် Apk file သီးသန့်ကို ယခုlink မှ download ရယူပြီး install ပြုလုပ်နိုင်ပါတယ်


For the Android version, Download here

If the link was broken, Please download apk file from here.


iOS phone တွေအတွက် App Store မှ download ရယူရန် ဒီမှာဒေါင်းပါ

For the IOS version, Download here.

Device List

Check your device have access to download the application. Here


Sharrtz.org first released Augmented Reality Application “Rising memories” in Beta stage.

“Rising memories” is the digital AR application which is designated for every cards, images and papers in the world. “Rising memories” deliver digital AR contents through cards and posters. 

For the enquiry & service provision, please contact here

How to use

1. Download the application.
2. Scan the cards or papers that have Rising Memories icon.
3. Enjoy the loving memory.

Order & Purchase

To Register your cards on “Rising Memories” application, You can contact directly to contact@sharrtz.org or from partners of Sharrtz.org. See our partners under.

For Valentine

Step 1. Collect memory which you want to add to the card.(eg. videos, photos and song)

Step 2. Discuss the ideas with our contact@sharrtz.org.

Step 3. Register your contents and purchase.

For Honeymoon

Step1. Please take order before making the invitation letter design

Step2. Coordinate design for invitation letter design

Step3. Choosing the right plan for couples

Step4. Making register invitation letter with “Rising Memories” application and purchase.

Step5. Transfer copy of necessary contents to “Rising Memories” team. (eg. videos, photos, etc)

Please contact to contact@sharrtz.org for any enquiry

Meet Our Partner

Please contact one of our partner for our “S Love Box” service.

HG wedding planner and service is the official main partner in “S Love Box” service. They can explain about the service and serve for your enquiry, order etc. Any samples you can see at HG wedding planner and service.



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